An opportunity to get your worked published!!

For more information about this JHS Writes Magazine, please see Ms. Beddia.

Photography Club

Days 1, 6, 8 in Art room or 204

Please see Ms. D'Alete or Ms. Vikki for more information.

Every Tuesday in the CLC at the beginning of lunch.

Please see Ms. Maluorni for more information.

See the schedule on the bulletin board in the hallway leading to the gym.

Please see Mr. Poirier for more information.

Peer Advising

Secondary 3 to 5 students in Peer Advising strive to help our secondary ones and coming in grade 6s integrate successfully into high school.


Open during lunch time.

Computer Lab

Open during lunch time, see the schedule outside the door.

Art Club

Day 6 in the Art Room - see Ms. D'Alete

Open at Recess Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays.

Organized by the WOTP team!!